Acne Can Cause Certain Complications

Most people will not remain adverse sufferers of acne. It will eventually clear out. However some cases may get a little more complicated. They may lead to scarring. The statistics for this happening are 2 out of 10. Picking and squeezing the spots especially the larger ones will lead to marks and scarring. Scars can have different shapes and sizes too. They can be narrow ice pick scars or they could be the broader pock marks. The fade into a whiter colour after initially staying purple for a while.

Hyperpigmentation could occur where the skin is affected by the acne. The skin here could become darker in colour than the skin elsewhere. This problem mostly affects people who have darker skin tones. Acne can cause feelings of anger and low self esteem. It is important to seek help to deal with these in order to prevent having any further problems arising.

The production of the hormone known as testosterone increases both in girls and in boys once they are approaching puberty. This is what causes the sebum in the skin to increase in production as well. This leads to an extra greasy skin than before. This further leads to the formation of spots on these areas. Young adults who are more sensitive to these extra hormones in their blood are the ones who are more prone in getting acne. It does not mean that there is a larger amount of the hormone being produced in acne sufferers. Learn more at

Hereditary factors are thought to highly influence the occurrence of acne. If ones parents had acne, they may get more severe acne and suffer more from it than those whose parents did not have it. The use of moisturisers that are too greasy could aggravate and induce acne problems. Medicines used for eczema and some used to treat epilepsy have also known to cause acne.

Keeping the skin clean could help prevent the formation of spots. Washing the face twice a day should suffice both in prevention, control and treatment of acne. Scrubing the skin too hard while washing may aggravate the acne. A mild soap should help in the cleaning much better. Over the counter treatments available in many shops and pharmacies may help to encourage the skin to shed its surface layer. Once these dead cells are removed then the antibacterial action of these products can kick in and help reduce the inflammation caused in these areas.